Oh Snowflakes…Why Are You?

One of the most infuriating things about being a millennial is being associated with a relatively small number of vocal, hypersensitive “individualists” that have come to be called snowflakes. Snowflakes to a millennial are a bit like thunderstorms, they aren’t around very often but when they are everybody knows, and they seem to ruin a couple things that you kind of liked while they are there. Personally, I have never met a snowflake, and most members of other generations have not either. So why the fixation on what seems like a statistical minority, why does this minority exist, and what does any of this have to do with me or Satanism?

First let’s talk about  what I see as reasons for the snowflakes to exist in the United States. The most common stance is that these people were coddled as children and that these children were taught that everyone should be equal instead of placing a value on meritocracy. Many of these same people also espouse that snowflakes have lost the ability to take responsibility for their actions, which is entirely true. There isn’t a failure that cannot be blamed entirely on societal factors in the mind of a snowflake. These same people pointing the finger at the childhood of a snowflake seem to be missing the fact that they are pointing in a mirror, as the majority of those people either parented my generation or were grandparents for us. Coddling is done by the caregiver, and we millennials didn’t raise ourselves.  But of course, social media plays a factor. This is not unique to the “liberal snowflake” side of things and is perhaps demonstrated by this video.

So, now that we have established that there is plenty of blame to go around, why such focus on such a small but vocal group? Because they both serve as entertainment and reassurance that older generations are still in control and better off to the members of those generations. It also just gives people a scapegoat and something to complain about when things get boring.

So what do they mean for Satanists and Satanism? For one, it illustrates and reinforces exactly why as individualists, we should take people as individuals until they show they are nothing more than a stereotype. I see snowflakes making broad generalizations and recognize how they are generally unwarranted, but I also see other Satanists taking issue with a small group and attributing those traits to a much larger group that shares one and only one characteristic, age. Doing so is just as unreasonable as lumping Anton LaVey with Pat Robertson because they were born the same year. They also demonstrate the danger and harm of herd conformity. What could have been a group of rational thinkers that could enact real change in the areas they are looking for change is instead a loud mouthed group of offenditarians who are only following a trend and acting on the consensus of the herd. Herd conformity both ruined the potential for these people to enact change they wish to see, as well as created an environment of hostility toward people of the same age.

All this said, I can say with certainty that most millennials (in my own experience) are fed up with snowflakes too. They give us a bad name and are just plain annoying. To me, this is just a reminder to take individuals as such, and to appreciate those of any age that think critically. It is both Satanic and practical.

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