Again, On Snowflakes.

I have briefly touched on the issue of Snowflakes in another post, but some recent events have brought them back into my mind. Recently, there was a large scale protest at a University near me (I won’t say which or where for confidentiality reasons). I know, what a shocker. The protest was held in response to actions taken at another protest a few months back, and the disciplinary action taken as a result of that protest. The original protest, as described to me by a coworker who was involved, went something like this. Some months before that first protest, one or more buildings on campus had been vandalized with racist comments particularly aimed at African American students on campus. As far as I am aware to this day there has been no progress in apprehending the individual(s) responsible. So, frustrated that nothing seems to be getting done, a group of students demonstrated in a campus library after the hours in which the library was open and thus were considered trespassing by the laws and rules in place on campus. By virtue of this fact, the police arrived and asked that the students leave, and affirmed that if the students did so there would be no consequence. As this coworker put it “all of the white people of course” except for her left. This was said with an amount of contempt and anger. The remaining students refused to leave, and finished their protest. Some time later, the students who remained were outraged to learn that they may be subject of disciplinary action. This most recent protest came on the heels of the president of the University announcing “sanctions” against the student protesters. The students marched, demanding these sanctions be dropped, calling the president a racist and chanting things like “no justice, no peace” and “Fuck the process.” Interviewed protesters also cited anger at students being “personally victimized” for standing up for something.


Back to Satanism. The most recent protest first and foremost highlights to me one of the defining characteristics of Snowflake culture, putting responsibility on those that aren’t responsible. When you are told you’re breaking the rules, are told what rules you are breaking, are told there will be punishment for breaking those rules, given a way to not be punished, and then still break those rules it seems to follow that maybe you might get punished just a little? Maybe, even, it’s a little your fault? Not realizing that or denying that is blatant stupidity in my eyes, thus adding another un-Satanic dimension. It as just as stupid as assuming the president of the university is racist for enforcing pre-existing rules that had to do with protest in general. Additionally, there is a reason I included my snowflake co-worker’s comment about “all the white people.” To me this indicates another facet of herd conformity that seems to be less self evident. To me, this view that “of course white people behave this way” indicates that the herd accepts themselves as a heard, but attempts to differentiate one group they see as important from another. “The White-Skinned Herd will of course behave differently than my herd because they conform to a different set of behaviors. My herd values different things because we have different group think. This makes my herd special and better than that white herd.” The Snowflakes fail to see that they are all part of one herd, but nonetheless accept and conform to their herd.

The resultant conversation with other, less extreme Snowflakes revealed another un-Satanic element to the Snowflake mindset: Self-Deceit. In the Nine Satanic Sins (linked above), it is established that it is prudent to not “play homage to sacred cows.” The Sacred Snowflake Cow in this instance is the claim that if anyone does not stand up and support minorities when they are slighted in any way or at least support those standing up, that person is corrupt, racist, possibly xenophobic, etc. All protests are for a valid reason per the Sacred Snowflake Cow. So when the above issues are pointed out, the protest then becomes the result of some pent up issues students have with the president. “Factors that were not addressed at the protest were really what the protest is about.” Instead of accept a protest as based on non-sequiturs, Snowflakes attempt to validate the protest by citing legitimate issues. When it is pointed out that that these were not the issues the protest was about, the point is dismissed, citing the above “tipping point” idea as well as the idea that one cannot truly understand the plight of a minority to which they do not belong so these cries of racism may very well be legitimate. Along with the above Herd Conformity  aspect, this also highlights a Sacred Cow. The views of a slighted group to which you do not belong are sacred, and the thought that you can understand is blasphemy.

I could go on. The point is that the snowflake mentality can be shown to be un-Satanic on many levels. With that being said, I would like to say there are some aspects of this story that I do support. I do think it is alarming that an instance of racist and threatening vandalism has spent so much time unresolved. The vandal(s) should absolutely be punished and the students of this college should not feel that it is unimportant to the university that the vandalism happened. The tipping point argument? I support students fighting for many of those other issues. Bathrooms should be in decent working order and roads and sidewalks should not be hazardous. The trespassing protesters maybe shouldn’t have been that high on the agenda of the president of the university, at least not higher than what they were protesting. I stand behind all of those ideals and would probably sign petitions and such to make those changes. None of that excuses the flaws in the snowflake mentality. I am sick of being lumped in with people holding what I view as un-Satanic stances. Just as I said in the last snowflake post, Pat Robertson and Anton LaVey were born the same year yet nobody lumps them into the same boat. Don’t do it to all millennials.

The next post I do on Snowflakes will be on a group I consider to be more similar to Snowflakes than different. If Snowflakes are best seen as liberal and “unique,” this group may be called Proud Clones. They are the conservative side of this equation and I hope to gather some information on them in order to really shed light on those parallels by example. If you can think of any, send it my way!

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