Hate and What Makes People Deserve It

There are a large number of people I hate. Some people are people I hate casually, like when you mention him or her I might say “yeah fuck that guy.” Other people I hate actively. They intrude into my thoughts when I see a news story about something that reminds me of them, and spoil my mood for long periods of time when I run into them. Some people I hate are former friends of mine. Some are coworkers. Some are family. I don’t hate people based on their race or religion, nor their nationality. I don’t hate people over their politics. I have spent a lot of time thinking about what makes me hate, And I have noticed a common thread in all people I hate. If they haven’t hurt me, they probably exemplify a Satanic Sin or two.

Those who exemplify more than two are sure to get under my skin. For example, I find my Uncle to often be so prideful, it counteracts his goals. I also find him to be fairly stupid at times, as his conversations with me are generally political yet full of logical fallacies and unfounded malice. In these conversations, he seems to be a poster child of Herd Conformity. He spouts his opinion in sentences structured like those of the Facebook “news” headlines he reads and shares. Of course, solipsistic as he is, he assumes I am agreeing with him the whole way through and he takes my refusal to debate him as agreement. This when paired with the pretentiousness of him making himself out to have more money than he does makes him all the more distasteful. I could go on at length, but despite all of this, my uncle has always treated me well. In fact, I feel that he favors me over most of my cousins. Yet I often find myself thinking that I hate him.

Of course, that is an extreme example. It doesn’t take all of those Sins to make me hate you. One is certainly enough. Just today I dealt extensively with a horridly stupid man (not to be read as mentally handicapped) who was friendly and meant well. He gave me a headache, and I casually hate him for his stupidity. Simple as that. Why think about why you hate at all? Because that is a whole lot of energy and vital existence, it’s prudent to be sure it isn’t a waste.


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