Junk Food

Consumption is a concept commonly associated with food, yet we as humans consume more than the food that sustains us. Just as it is prudent to be conscious and selective with what one fuels their bodies and satisfies their palate, the Satanist should also selective with that which he or she satisfies and fuels his or her mind with. Recently, I noticed I have been unusually sad, stressed, and unfocused for months. I had to ask myself what had changed. My sleep had not changed much, my struggles with money had not worsened, and my courses had not gotten more difficult. I then looked to biology, asking myself if a change in diet had occurred. It had, but not in body fuel. My brain fuel had changed dramatically, and it was doing nothing but hinder me.

In more than a few essays, Anton LaVey talked about TV as mind control and a sort of messenger to the masses. He talked in these essays about his avoidance of television for this reason, bar those things he decided he enjoyed. For a long time I felt he was just being paranoid in those essays. After all, most who talk about subliminal messages in the TV often are, and Anton LaVey was just as  human as everyone else and is thus prone to incorrect claims. He wrote a few non-cannon works I disagree with and plan to talk on that in the future. Despite this, I am just as human as he was and I now know that I was mistaken in my assessment. The social media of today is far worse than the television of yesterday when considering control of the masses. My unhappiness was a direct result of my increased time spent on social media. The way I see it, social media and television, when used incorrectly, are like junk food to the mind. Their consumption satisfies my mind’s hunger for stimulation, but there is very little benefit to it. Just as the body becomes lethargic after too much McDonald’s, so too does the mind after too much Facebook.

Immediately after this realization I resolved to decrease my social media use dramatically and replace it with “health food,” which for me is emotionally and intellectually stimulating literature. Books were purchased and are now being read, and my mind is all the more tranquil for it. I now have multiple fiction works being written, I have 10 drafts saved for the blog, and I am less stressed about money, politics, and my progress in my life goals. I even changed my life goals to ones I now realize will make me happier because I have had more time to look inward instead of allowing others to bombard me with the regurgitation of group-think they call originality. Life, it seems, is much better when you feed your brain with fodder rather than memes.

It seems to me that many Satanists I have come to know online could do well to examine  what constitutes junk food for them, and how much they really consume. I still use Facebook for personal use, after all I do enjoy many of the acquaintances I have met there so it is an indulgence to me. I am just selective in my Facebooking. This all makes me wonder, what is your junk food? Let me know in any way you can, as it could be another thing I need to cut back on.


One thought on “Junk Food

  1. I have cut back significantly on my social media use compared to what I was doing six months ago. I only have two social media accounts, Facebook and Twitter, and I keep my friends on both limited to people I actually care about. So in that sense I feel like I’m doing okay. I’m still working to break my TV addiction, but hopefully in the near future I can find some other things I want to replace it with. Like reading your awesome blog 🙂


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