The Sanctum

When in another’s lair, show him respect or else do not go there.

If a guest in your lair annoys you, treat him cruelly and without mercy.

As Satanists, we are familiar with these sentences, numbers three and four of the Eleven Satanic Rules of the Earth. Not much is formally discussed with regard to the lair and what it means outside of that, though Satanists generally seem to just know that there is more to a lair than respect.  For me, a recent conversation with a friend forced me to examine what a lair truly means.

We were discussing a trip I plan on taking soon, and the 12 hours I would be spending driving there. I hope to make pit stops on both the trip there and the trip home, saying hello to Satanists I have “internet met” over the last few months. My friend remarked that I could probably ask to stay the night at various houses along the way, and my initial reaction was one of shock at his suggestion. I wouldn’t dare ask to spend the night in an acquaintance’s home, especially not another Satanist. My shock at his suggestion was not just because these people are essentially strangers to me, it is also because I wouldn’t ever impose on someone’s lair that way.

This reluctance is because each individual’s lair is more than a home, it is a sanctum. The lair is not just the place you rest your head at night, it is a refuge from the masses. The four walls of one’s lair contain exactly that which each individual Satanist has decided will bring them the most happiness. Every knick-knack, morning routine, food item, air freshener, resident, and guest exists in the lair of each Satanist because that Satanist has desired it to be there or consented to its necessity. Their lair is their place, and I dare not disturb that which they hone as close to their ideal as possible.

To be invited into someone’s lair is an honor of sorts, at least to me. It signifies that somebody wants to share their inner most space with you, if only for a time. It is a sign that you are valued as an addition to their happiness, and that they wish to share their happiness with you. It is truly a complement to you, and should be taken as such.

Those of us in their teens and even their early twenties are likely still living with friends or with our parents. While the building we reside in as a whole is owned by someone else, this does not mean the entirety of that house, apartment, or other living space needs to be entirely that other person’s lair. Generally individuals have a space that is “theirs” in that the owner of the abode allows it to be so. This is an opportunity to create a “mini-lair.” While you must follow the rules of the homeowner, there is also room for personal touches. These touches make your mini lair just as important to you as someone else’s lair is to them. Do your best to make it a space filled only with things and people that bring you joy. Treat it like it is important, and soon it will be.

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