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About the Blog

Just A Young Satanist was founded in 2016 by Christian Grant to present his take on various aspects of Satanism, Satanists, The Church of Satan, and his own experiences within the context of Satanism. In July of 2020, Christian decided to expand Just A Young Satanist to include other contributors. It is his intention that the site be a platform for young Satanists for years to come. Just A Young Satanist is actively seeking contributors, so send us a message or an email via Facebook or our contact page. If you do not want to miss new posts, consider liking our Facebook page or subscribing via email. If you have a topic you want to hear one of our contributors discuss send us a message, leave a comment on the site’s comment section, or give feedback on a post. 


About The Contributors

Christian Grant

Born in 1998, Christian Grant has loved writing from an early age. Now, as a young adult, he is pursuing a career in the publishing industry. When he isn’t working toward becoming a literary agent to the stars, Christian can be found reading, writing fiction of his own, or making music. Christian founded Just A Young Satanist in 2016. 

A.C. Hampshire

A.C. Hampshire was born Alexander Clifford Hampshire to Citizen of the Infernal Empire, Roger Clifford Hampshire on October 23rd, 1996. Already self-identifying himself as an Atheist in 2004 at the age of 8, he began his path to self-actualized Satanist when he found his father’s occult library while helping rearrange his room. This glimpse behind the curtain filled him with a curiosity for the strange and unusual. In 2015, Alexander went off to college to follow his passion for filmmaking. There he began dabbling in Wicca and other New age spiritualisms, finding them all clashing heavily with Atheistic identity. In 2016, he moved back with his father and found The Satanic Bible. Anton LaVey’s words resonated as it does with all who after call themselves Satanists. Alexander found what he had been searching for, a rational religion that still held the fantasy and mystery he so craved. Since then, Alexander has been diving head first into Satanic philosophy, now combining it with his passion for writing in Devils for Hire, a Satanic Media Brand meant to tell diabolic stories for others of the Sinister Elite. He is currently working on two comic series, MARDUK: God of the Fifty Names, inspired by short stories originally penned by his father, and The Satanic Warlock, a satanic look at the paranormal staring Magister Dr. Robert Johnson as the lead hero. When not following these creative pursuits, Alex contemplates satanic philosophy, longing for an outlet to his ideas. Working with Satanist Christian Grant, he now has that outlet to discuss, analyze, and appreciate the carnal religion known as Satanism.

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