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About The Author

I am an 19 year old American Satanist, and that means REAL Satanism as defined in The Satanic Bible by Anton Szandor LaVey. I am an active member of the Church of Satan. That being said, the views expressed herein are my views alone and in no way represent The Church of Satan.  I was an honors and AP student in high school, and dual enrolled through one of the most prominent public universities in the country during my senior year. I am currently a college student, pursuing a career in the writing industry. That means if you are a publisher,  editor, or professional author and you want someone to take under your wing, I am the guy! I enjoy philosophy and the study of all religions as pastimes when I am not writing here, and can be found most days rehashing worn out debates in religious discussion groups, reading, and exploring the big, beautiful, carnal world.

About the Blog

It is here that I hope to present my take on various aspects of Satanism, Satanists, The Church of Satan, and my own experiences within the context of Satanism. I plan to talk about my trials and tribulations, applications of Satanic philosophy, my experiences with Satanists and Pseudo-Satanists, and much more! I tend to post about once a week, and if you do not want to miss it, consider liking my Facebook page or subscribing via email. If you have a topic you want to hear me discuss or just want to chat, send me a message on my Facebook page, leave a comment on the site’s comment section, or give feedback on a post. I promise I am prompt with my responses! 

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